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Beyond galleries to quality slideshow content

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Chadwick Matlin contributes to the growing set of forms and approaches when it comes to online slide shows. The random stream of images and dead end captions of basic photo galleries have given way to more structured slide shows that tell stories, convey complex information, and add great value and user traffic to new web sites.

Writing in the latest Columbia Journalism Review, Matlin sketches seven types of slide shows, including the “Listicle” and the “Essay.” Plus he’s enough of a realist to toss in the “Sex Show,” a form every web site manager and paranoid newspaper editor is well aware of, usually involving cheerleaders, fashion shows, nightclub parties, Miss Hooters contests, or some other variation on soft porn and high traffic. (What’s your version or war story on same?)

Readers like slide shows because they control the medium via clicks, the content can be powerful, and the topics are endless. Web site managers like them as each slide can represent one ad view. Done poorly (or cynically) and they will destroy your credibility. Done well they take digital news presention in new and interesting directions with minimal technical requirements and as showcases for traditional journalism skills — great images and tight writing.



Written by mroberts8

12/02/2010 at 1:38 am

Posted in Editing, Multimedia

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