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Watchdog reporting tips from ProPublica

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ProPublica has posted a “reporting recipe” with how-to advice and resources for investigating how states regulate medical professionals.

This comes in the wake of ProPublica’s own investigation, with the Los Angeles Times,  into how poorly California regulates registered nurses. And it’s an extension of ProPublica’s desire to work through collaboration with other journalism organizations.

Editors Paul Steiger and Stephen Engelberg explain why they are sharing the recipe:

ProPublica was created two years ago to pursue stories that would spur change. As part of this mission, we make our finished work and its underlying data available to all. Other news organizations are free to republish stories posted on our site. …Now we are taking this principle a step further, giving away the recipe for what has been one of our most powerful reporting efforts to date. We are doing this because we believe there are many ways to prompt change through journalism.

The step-by-step breakdown of the reporting process provides a great training opportunity for reporters in any state, and for editors who would like to help their reporters develop more sophisticated skills.


Written by mroberts8

03/11/2010 at 5:54 pm

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